Affiliate with the UBMS

Judaism has never existed in isolation; at its heart is a community based, connected lifestyle that not only encompasses the present but reaches back into our shared past and into an as yet unseen future. As Messianic Judaism continues to grow, a Judaism that has revival and renewal of our people, Land, nation and faith at its core, we see new synagogues and congregations coming into existence that reflect this central idea and vision. The Union of British Messianic Synagogues is reaching out to encourage you to affiliate with us. Maybe you have a small local group at present, or are considering setting one up. The UBMS can help and support you in this endeavour; you can become part of a growing family and network across the UK.

In particular we can offer you:

  • training for leaders, undertaken by mentoring rabbis already in active ministry;
  • ordination once courses are successfully completed;
  • conversion courses for those in your congregations who were not born Jewish;
  • attendance at annual and day conferences held in the UK;
  • accountability and transparency;
  • access to dedicated leadership conferences both here in the UK and in continental Europe;
  • membership of the Union of European Messianic Synagogues;
  • the experience and teaching of tested leaders of over 20 years standing;
  • a collaborative and inclusive role for your congregation.

If you would like to discuss any of this with one of the rabbis of the UBMS, then please contact us.