Our Purpose

To unite Messianic Jewish congregations and Synagogues in the UK within a fellowship framework of co-operation, mutual support, accountability and encouragement.

To provide an accountability and/or development structure within the vision and direction of the UBMS for other congregations and Synagogues (within Continental Europe and English speaking countries) who wish to associate themselves with us.

To serve as a living and united testimony of Messiah within the Jewish community of the UK and to be a strong testimony to Messianic Judaism as the full revelation of Inspired Scripture, both to our Jewish people and to the wider believing community.

To spearhead the spiritual revival of our Jewish people.

To advance the spiritual growth, welfare, and knowledge of each member congregation.

To repudiate any form of theology which seeks to undermine the central role and calling of Israel as the people of God, and the centrality of Yeshua as the Jewish Messiah.

To support the nation and people of Israel.

To provide financial aid, with due process, to member congregations, and to other Messianic ministries.

To provide a structured and certified course of training and development for leaders within member congregations which (may) lead to ordination.