High Holy Days

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Sukkot, coming as it does towards the very end of our festival year, is a time of great rejoicing. Its English name, variously translated from the Hebrew, is commonly known as the feast of Tabernacles. Its origin of course, like most Jewish festivals, is connected with an actual historical event. The ‘narrative’ year begins in the Spring with Passover, which tells of our deliverance from Egypt, and runs through to…

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Rosh Hashanah

Rosh HaShanah, literally the ‘Head of the Year’, is a festive occasion in the Biblical calendar. According to ‎tradition it is on this day that the world was created, and as with any birthday, it is thereby celebrated with a ‎degree of joy expressed through various festivities. Our custom of eating apples with honey, where the ‎roundness of the apple variously represents the earth and or the year which has…

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The Sages tell us that in the future, after the Mashiach has come, all the festivals, ‎including Pesach, Shavuot and Sukkot (though commanded in Torah) will be nullified, ‎and yet Purim (a minor festival not commanded in the Torah) will be forever celebrated. ‎Various explanations of this statement have been adduced, one of which is not that ‎these festivals will literally be annulled in the sense that they will cease…

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The High Holy Days – our Jewish Life

Coming soon – some information on Rosh Hashana deletion and on a rolling basis, the other High Holy Days and Festivals

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